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What Does “Sold As Is” Really Mean?

Posted by Veronica On December - 8 - 2015

As you browse homes for sale in Southern Maine, you might see the phrase “sold as-is” on some property descriptions. This is most often seen on foreclosures and short sales. Before you make any decisions on whether to buy a “sold as-is” property, check out what this phrase means for most home buyers. The Meaning […]

How to decide between a fixer upper, a pre-built home or new build

Posted by Veronica On December - 8 - 2015

Greater Portland has so many great homes to choose from that it can be difficult to narrow your options down to one. In particular, it’s hard to decide whether to buy a brand new house or an existing home. And if you go for the latter, it can be difficult to decide whether to get […]

What Happens to the Real Estate Earnest Money Deposit?

Posted by Veronica On December - 4 - 2015

Buying a house involves paying some fees before your mortgage payments even begin. It’s common to be a little confused about what money goes where, with the earnest money deposit being one of the most mystifying fees in the home buying process. Here’s what you need to know about your earnest money deposit before you […]

Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays and What Goes

Posted by Veronica On November - 24 - 2015

The only negative about moving in the great state of Maine is the cringe-worthy packing process. If you are transitioning from one Maine home to another, it is best to bring along only the things that you are sure you need to start your life in your new space. If you need more definitive advice […]

How Much House Can I Afford?

Posted by Veronica On November - 24 - 2015

There are numerous calculators available that try to tell you how much you can afford to spend on your new home, but they’re not accurate for everyone. That’s because each person’s situation is unique. So before you buy that beautiful lake home in Southern Maine that you’re pretty sure you can afford, consider the following […]

Should You Buy Before You Sell?

Posted by Veronica On November - 18 - 2015

Whether you are a natural risk taker or someone who prefers to err on the side of caution, home buying and selling will always be a little bit of a risk. The real estate market has its ups and downs and as a seller and buyer, you want to capture the market when the pendulum […]

Understanding the new TILA Rules

Posted by Veronica On November - 18 - 2015

As you look for a home to buy in Maine, you should be aware of some changes in the real estate world as of 2015. In particular, the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule went into effect in October, and it changes some of the paperwork that you will encounter when you buy a house. With the […]

Getting title insurance for your Maine home is important, but if you’ve talked much with your real estate agent about what’s required, you may have heard both owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance mentioned. It’s true that there are two different policies, but many buyers wonder why it’s necessary to have both. The reason […]

A Title insurance policy is very important when buying a home. If you’re looking at all the beautiful Maine real estate and considering making the state your home – or the location of your vacation home – you’ll want to make sure your interests are protected. Additionally, the lender that gives you the mortgage on […]

What is a home warranty? Do I really need one?

Posted by Veronica On May - 22 - 2015

If you are considering buying a home in Maine, you should look into buying a home warranty along with it. The point of a warranty is to ensure that if important parts of your home need repairs, you won’t have to pay full price for them. Before you buy a home warranty, you should get […]

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